High flexibility, quick response time and the ability for further processing (surface treatment, counterboring, thread-cutting, welded assemblies, etc.) are amongst the special features of the new machine.

With this HET has expanded its fixture technology to such an extent that the company now has enough capacity to more than fulfill its own requirement. A total of twelve skilled workers operate a multi-shift work-pattern so that the fabrication capacities can even be flexibly exploited for third-party jobs. The rapid fulfillment of the individual deadlines of our customers is ensured.

Since then we have been cutting CNC laser blanks with complex structures and geometries based on customers’ rawings. Moreover we are using the latest fibre laser cutting technology to ensure optimum edge quality both with small and large batch numbers. This thanks to the latest technology, we can produce complex folded and edged parts in different variants, accurately and in the shortest of times.

Laser system

1 BySprint Fiber 4 KW
Sheet dimensions 4000 x 2000


2 Bystronic Expert 200 sheet metal bender
Up to 200 t weight
Up to 3000 mm long


Steel, stainless steel, aluminum up to 15 mm plate thickness
Brass, copper up to 8 mm thick


High flexibility
Quick reaction time
Further treatment (surface treatment, counterboring, tapping, welded assembly etc.)