Measurement Technology

HET has its very own in-house measuring station, however we are also pleased to offer our measuring service on-site at our customers' facilities. HET performs its measuring operations using a FARO measurement arm with CAD integration. The system is primarily used for measurement in the manufacture of tools and fixtures in the automotive industry. Once measurement has been completed, the shims can follow.  This enables the offsetting of any manufacturing inaccuracies that occur, so that the component receiver can later be measured to an accuracy of 0.3 mm.

The portable coordinate measuring device has a spherical working volume of 1.8 m to 3.70 m and a repeatability range of between 0.024 mm and 0.064 mm. Possible application areas include CAD-based inspections, dimensional analyses, first article inspections, in-process testing and reverse engineering. With reverse engineering, our metrologists can create 3D models of components for which there are no CAD descriptions.

Meanwhile, HET already has two FARO measurement arms, with which to serve external customers.


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